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Per the new Regulations, we have to confirm your Identity and Age before ordering. With the complaints regarding other systems, we decided to use this method. You only have to register/verify once, not every order.

We approve each request manually after looking at the ID. We try to do this as fast as possible, but it may take a few hours in some cases. You will receive an email that will inform you to “Change your Password” or “Reset your Password” when your account is ready. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. The email from us may end up in your spam folder.

Image of State/Official ID (Required)

-- File Types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png
-- MUST be able to see your picture and details

What if this form doesn’t work or I can’t use the form on my device?

1)  You can send a message to us on Facebook:

Dripper’s Paradise Forest Home FB Page


2)  Send an email to:


Please Include:
– Name
– Email
– Attach the photo of your ID

What if I don’t get a response from my request?

We approve each request manually. We try to do this as fast as possible, but it may take a few hours in some cases. If it’s been more than a few hours, use the contact form or send our FaceBook page a message.

Dripper’s Paradise Forest Home FB Page

Can I have my order shipped somewhere else?

If you want us to ship an order to a different address, make sure you are in the photo with your ID. This is to prevent stolen IDs being used to place orders.

Data collected for Registration purposes will NEVER be shared with anyone other than people required to verify and activate your account. Data will never be kept on the web server and emails will be deleted when they are secured. Files are saved to prove verification to authorities, if needed.